A week for re-cap


A week for re-cap

There are a lot of things going on right now and I would like to re-cap some of them.

First: Portland Beer Week. I just got back and it was great. I missed the second half of the week, but the first half was stellar. I hit the Fruit Beer Fest first, and it was super fun. Lots of people, tons of great and weird beers (Breakside, I'm looking at you (that Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie beer was off the chain (as they say))). Then Sunday was the Wake Up Your Senses panel at Saraveza with our own Lauren Salazar, Tonya Cornett from 10 Barrel and Amanda Benson from Deschutes. It was a sensory and analytics discussion, very educational, very crowded. Then Monday New Belgium hosted the Sour Beer Symposium. Lots of blending and talking and drinking sour beers. The event was hosted by Eric and Lauren Salazar (curators of our wood cellar (among other things)). They brought a few firkins of unblended, wood-aged beer for tasting and explaining. They then gave some of each firkin to the crowd and let them blend their own growler of sour beer to take home. Jeff Alworth over at Beervana.com was there and he wrote a great piece about it, here's the link to that. He talks about the happening better than I ever could. I did shoot a nice picture though (see right). This event was also at Saraveza. Over the course of the two days at that bar (sensory panel, then symposium) I was blown away by everything about it. If I lived in Portland I would go there everyday, seriously. A big thanks to Sara and Jonathan and the rest of the crew. 

Second: We just scored 18 whiskey barrels from Leopold Brothers Distillery! Not sure what's going to go into them, or what is going to come out, but something awesome on both accounts, I'm sure.

And Lastly, the High Park Fire. Fort Collins is ablaze right now (more specifically, the hills and forest just west of town). The brewery is not in danger, but lots of stuff is. Major evacuations have been put into effect and our thoughts are with those that have been displaced. If you would like to contribute to the relief effort here is the link to the American Red Cross's High Park Fire page.

So that's it, that's the re-cap. Hope your today is better than your yesterday,


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