My favorite way to win a bike...


My favorite way to win a bike...

We are right (smack dab) in the middle of bike give-a-way season (AKA: Enjoy the Ride)... We have lots of ways to win- the Twitter, Instagram, random drawing (boring), and my favorite: the Beer-a-Mid! "What's a Beer-a-Mid?" you ask... Well, it's that thing you used to build out of empty beer cans in college. It resembles a pyramid, and the feat of balance can get tricky as the cans get taller. It was a fun way to kill an evening with your pals.

The smart-as-hell programmers here at NBB HQ built one for the internet-minded... It is based on something called a "physics engine" and the details are way over my head. But what I can tell you is that it's awesome. Every mouse click gives you more cans for stacking, and the fun gets bigger as the cans get higher. The other super great thing about the Beer-a-Mid is that the really great ones win bikes. Here is an example of the one I just built:

That is just a couple minutes of tampering and I would call it a winner (but alas, I am not eligible). So get after it, build a great Beer-a-Mid and win a bike!

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