Riding shotgun with Team Optum...


Riding shotgun with Team Optum...

Another great day of the Pro Challenge on the long and beautiful roads of Colorado. But first:

The Video"

Now on to the commentary, and awesome photos:

Last night:

Thursday night in Beaver Creek looked hopping, from the balcony of my hotel room, and luckily I was't sleeping on it this time. By the time we got everything together for last night's post it was late and I was hungry and I needed some rest. I'm going to level with you... This race has taken it out of me, I am no longer in show room condition and I needed a decent night's sleep before I collapsed on a road-side somewhere... So, in short, I went to bed kind of early, and it was awesome. 

The Stage:

Stage 5, Breckenridge to Colorado Springs. We made it to Breck with plenty of time for breakfast (I had a biscuit and some coffee), and the some shoulder rubbing with the stars:

That's a shot of me and cycling legend (and wonderful commentator) Bob Roll. From the squint in his eyes you can see how thrilled he was that I was so thrilled with getting my picture taken next to him. I think he really enjoyed this moment.

Oh, and I got the opportunity to ride in Team Optum's car today, it was awesome. Going back to Stage 3 you will remember the NBB/Team Optum connection? Well, I used that connection to its fullest potential today. I have never been in a team car, it's a pretty great opportunity. They drive really fast and hand riders water bottles (and food) and curse at the race report radio, it's super sweet. I had been looking forward to it all week and it surely did not disappoint. This is the car I was in:

 I met the team at the start and jumped right in the car. I was sitting shotgun next to Eric Wohlberg, team director, Canadian, car driver, former professional cyclist, all around nice guy. I didn't get a good shot of him, so I took this one off the internet:

Riding in the car was crazy fun, but let me detail it in this photo essay:

I learned an amazing amount about bike racing today. I want to thank all the Optum folks for the opportunity, and for putting up with my questions.

Really, that's all I got for you today. See you tomorrow in Boulder!


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