Well, it's over...


Well, it's over...

The 2012 edition of the Pro Challenge is done and over. Did I learn anything? Well, I am not as young as I used to be, riding bikes at 10,000 feet is really hard, and I really love drinking beer while I watch bike racing.

There were thousands of road-side fans that needed thirst quenching, and I like to believe we handled them all. And there were thousands more on-line watchers for our brand of Total Sports Coverage, and I like to think they were satisfied as well. 

During the week we made 7 videos, posted 7 daily updates, sold almost 600 raffle tickets for 1 custom Yipsan bicycle, raised almost 3,000 bucks (per said raffle) for Bikes Belong, raised a whole bunch of other money for a whole bunch  of other Colorado non-profits from selling beer and swag, ran along with 1 stage winner, gave away 5 New Belgium cruisers, drank beers with countless people, and enjoyed every second of it. I think this photo sums up my feelings for the week:

And, with all that being said, we will be back for 2013. This was our first year for sponsoring this event, so I can only assume next year will be bigger and bolder. Start booking your flights now because this is going to be a very fruitful relationship for all parties involved...

Also, I understand that a re-cap video of all the videos is forthcoming, but Simpsonic is a busy fellow. So we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Until next time!


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