We made a beer with G. Love. Should we have a sip?


We made a beer with G. Love. Should we have a sip?

It's called Peach Porch Lounger, it's part of our Lips of Faith Series, and I am happy to say- it's available now. This beer has all the G. Love marks, Southern ingredients, a bluesy charm, and a label to beat the band (very punny, I know)... G. Love came to the brewery a while back and designed the beer of his dreams. He wanted a beer for Front Porch Lounging, and man, did he succeed. Peach Porch Lounger has peaches (duh...), hominy grits, molasses, a French saison yeast for primary fermentation and it's finished with brettanomyces. It carries a nice funk and a peachy sweetness. This beer is delicate enough to grow a daffodil, and yet, it's 9.4% ABV (very punchy). Let's take this next couple minutes to taste and review... 

Visual: A deep straw color with a rich haze. The head is bright white, and lingers.

Aroma: Very spicy, saison-y, with herbal and peach overtones. As the brettanomyces ages the over-ripened pineapple aromas will come through a bit more, but for now the it is taking a backseat, and that's perfectly fine.

Taste: Fruity, sweet and a bit funky. The alcohol fights through in the middle, bringing heat and some pepper flavors. The molasses added sugars to the fermentables, adding some complexity to the alcohols. Very interesting, very good, very strong. 

Mouthfeel/body: The delicate nature of this beer is most prevalent in the mouthfeel. Peach Porch Lounger starts huge, sweet, chewy and hot. But that fades, and quickly. The finish is dry, like super dry, it leaves you thirsty. Which is good, because there is a whole bottle (or glass) to finish. And, as the brett continues in the bottle, the complexity will only grow and grow. I am looking forward to reviewing this beer again in a couple months when the conditioning yeast has really taken hold. But for now the the beer is awesome and the mouthfeel and body are real highlights.

Overall: This beer is great (and yes, I'm very biased (but you should expect that by now...)). It's delicate but strong, complex, and fruity, all things I like in beer. The power of the booze in this beer takes it right out of the "sessionable" category, but that does not preclude it from front porch lounging. I like to sit on my steps, sip and watch the world go by. For lawn mowing you should pick a different beer, but for hanging out with friends, listening to tunes and heckling the passers-by, this is the perfect beer.

We also made a film for the release of this beer, check it out:


And on that note, I'm out. I have the Fort Collins Tour de Fat to attend tomorrow and my costume is only half done...



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