Vote For the World You Want to Live in...


Vote For the World You Want to Live in...

It's National Voter Registration Day! Time is running thin on registering to vote, in Colorado the deadline is October 9th. Today is the day we make sure everyone is on the path to voting in this year's election. Together, with Patagonia, Vote the Environment, Wilco, and many others, New Belgium is hoping you vote for the world you want to live in. 

This is a non-partisan effort to put the environment on the to-do list of American voters. Here is a nice film I lifted from

The environment is a very important part of our New Belgium story, environmental stewardship has been part of our Core Values and Beliefs since the day we were founded. We want to lovingly care for the planet that sustains us. We try to model joyful environmentalism through our commitment to relationships, continuous improvement, and the camaraderie (and cheer) of beer. So, the Vote the Environment campaign made a lot of sense to us, and we hope it makes a lot of sense to you...

There are lots of people trying to get you to sign up to vote, so make sure you get it done. Head Count is out in this world doing the hard work to get it done too. They're reaching lots of people, and they want to reach you. Want to get the ball rolling on registering to vote? Here's the link: Head Count.  Or maybe you want to do some good and volunteer... Here's that link: VOLUNTEER!  

And, to be better informed on the environmental records of our politicians the League of Conservation Voters has put together a scorecard for the 112th Congress to help with our forthcoming votes. It's pretty enlightening to see the choices of those we elected. Want to see the environmental scorecard of your Congressional members? Here's the link: League of Conservation Voters.  

And then, for those social media buffs out there, remember to hashtag #becauseilove. Example: I vote the environment #becauseilove brewing with great Colorado water!  Or: I vote the environment #becauseilove skiing the Never Summers! Here's a link to make it super easy... It's a big ol' Twitter campaign to let the world know that the world is important to us, and we want to vote for people that it's important to as well. This is a big election, and whatever side you're on, it's high time we Vote the Environment!

Yours in voting the environment,


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