Some things are happening soon, and other things are happening now.


Some things are happening soon, and other things are happening now.

Here are the details...


The next and newest Beer Stream is this Wednesday. Matty and I will be talking all about the G. Love Collaboration- Peach Porch Lounger. The live tasting will go over the beer: raw materials, special processes, brewers anecdotes, etc... We'll talk about the history of the beer, the time I drank beer with G. Love, the art on the bottle, etc... And during all the talking we'll be drinking, sharing tasting notes, and generally be making pleasurable noises in regards to this beer. It will be really fun. If you follow the link above you can watch the last stream we did (or bookmark the page for Wednesday's tasting), so you can get the idea of what it is that we're doing (or get ready for the next one). This is going to be really fun, so please, join us.


Shift Beer!

We're running the Shift flag up the pole again. The website has some great stuff on it, you should check it out. We're hosting all the rest of our wonderful videos, like the sock puppets, and the Shift song, and some hot, hot Ping Pong action... There are a few food pairings to consider too, and you can read this blog (again). We're doing some other great stuff too, check it out.

Also now:

Getting ready for GABF! The Great American Beer Festival is coming next week, and I am taking today to gather all the details I need to share with you later this week.

Hope you're well, and we'll talk again soon,


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