It's that time of year again, The Great American Beer Festival, and I am very ready. I have been doing regular interval training and mapping out my week and generally gathering information to make the next 6 days pleasurable. I have also been collecting facts and figures to make your week a gem as well.

First the fest: Starts Thursday night, goes through Saturday. I hope you have tickets, they sold out quick. Assuming you got one, New Belgium is end-capping pod L. It's right at the top of the big middle row. We are bringing lots of great beers: Ranger, Belgo, a brand new Fresh Hop IPA, Tart Lychee, Shift, Peach Porch Lounger, Red Hoptober, La Folie, Abbey, and there's even rumor of some unblended, wood aged Felix, known to most as Love (that will be a real treat)... So get to the booth early and try some of these tasty treats.

And... If you find yourself in Fort Collins this week, come to the brewery. We are doing all sorts of special stuff all week. Some kegs are coming out of the cellar, meaning that some Lips of Faith of yore will be pouring on a rotating tap all week. If it was a Lips beer in the last two years chances are it will be pouring and ready for the sipping (did someone say Le Terroir?). We are also breaking out some cases for sale. Bombers of some really famous NBB beers will be for sale (again, did someone say Le Terroir?). Tours are pretty well booked for the week, but the stand-by list will be in full swing, so come by, I bet you'll have a good time. Starting Tuesday (tomorrow) all the bottles will be out and the GABF tap will be rotating. This is going to be crazy.

So there it is, it's all I got. Hopefully you enjoy your GABF...


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