I love Instagram. For those not in the know, Instagram is like Twitter (if you know what that is), it's a micro-blogging, social networking platform. But, unlike Twitter, Instagram is photo based, and entirely phone derived. Translation: we get to look at other people's pictures on our phones and ooh and ahh over them. And people get to do the same over our photos. It's awesome, especially if you like looking at pictures.

I also love beer. It's delicious, refreshing, interesting, and wonderful (among other things). 

Beer and pictures go together very well. Hence, the awesome beer presence of beer stuff on Instagram. Maybe we should call it Beer-sta-gram. If you don't have an Instagram (Beer-sta-gram) account, go get one, right now. It's free and awesome. And now that your account is all set up, go follow all these wonderful beer related Instagram people (listed below, just left of the picture that I should probably put on Instagram), because they are good at taking really nice photos:







@NewBelgium (I have to throw this one in...)







Some of these are writers, some are breweries, all are good at taking beer related pictures.

And, after you follow these people, start looking up more beer folks to follow (let me know when you find great ones). Beer lends itself to photos, and some folks are really good at drawing the best out of their subject (I'm really good at drinking beer).

Happy Instagramming everybody! 


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