Well, the world didn't end... Let's drink Frambozen!


Well, the world didn't end... Let's drink Frambozen!

Let's be real for a minute. Deep down, in bowels of my heart/imagination (and maybe yours, too) I was looking forward to the apocalypse. I was thinking fire-y comets raining down, zombies (the old school, slow kind), and subsisting on expired canned food for the rest of our lives. We would be fighting for survival, reminiscing for those that met an unfortunate, un-dead type of conclusion, and enjoying the day-to-day grey color (like in The Road, or Portland). It was going to be pretty sweet. But, alas, the end of days was a no-go. But, I guess, the day's not over yet, it could still happen, maybe.

But really, for now, let's assume it's not going to happen. And with that, we need to press on. And pressing on means the holidays. Do you have your gifts, and beers, and all that ready? You don't? Well, I am here to suggest purchasing some Frambozen (as a gift, or for drinking (with family and friends of course), or both, I guess). It's a delightfully sweet raspberry brown, brewed just for the holiday season.

Let's do a quick review...

Visual: A deep, dark garnet. 

Aroma: A roasty-raspberry. Sweet and tart at the same time with the darker malts poking their heads through.

Flavor: A tart, fresh raspberry. The darker malts come through for some backbone here too, but the berries are on highlight.

Body/Mouthfeel: A light/medium body, and a dry/tart finish.

Overall: I love this beer for lots of reasons, the raspberries, the small timeframe it's available, the associations with the holidays. But the biggest reason I love Frambozen is that every year there exists subtle changes. The raspberry crop is always different and the way they interact with the beer changes. The 2012 Frambozen is a bit lighter in body than in the past, less sweet and a bit more tart. I love it every year, but this year especially so. It makes me want to stuff raspberries on my fingers and dance around in an orange jumpsuit... It's that good.

Point Counter: 9 out of 10 possible.

I would go out and grab this beer while you can, the window is closing. Here is a link to the Beer Finder for all your Frambozen finding needs.... Also, it ages very well, so maybe buy an extra 6er to put aside till next year, and then, when next year's Frambozen comes out, try them both, side by side.

With that, I'm out. Enjoy your holidays and let everyone you love know that you love them.



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