Lost in the Woods


Lost in the Woods

Hey everybody. Today I was going to do a last minute plug and push for ticket sales to the upcoming Lost in the Woods party here at New Belgium. We have never done anything like this before, a private party, a ticketed affair... What is this going to be like? Who's going to come? Will Patrick Dempsey be available for autographs? Well, after all this fuss, it sold out. And way faster than we thought. So today I am going to go over some of the details of the party in hopes to illuminate those coming, as well as stir the interest-pot for next year.

The party is February 1, 2013 at 7pm. This party will celebrate our love of wood-aged sour beer as well as the history of New Belgium in the sour beer game. The night is going to be full of sour beer and high-pitched cheer. There will be 2013 La Folie on tap, as well as the new blend of Transatlantique Kriek. There is going to be talks and symposiums about blending sour beers from Peter Bouckaert and Lauren Salazar as well as food pairings and fun and a whole (hot) mess of people. We even revamped the hallway: 

Along with all of this joy and education each party-goer gets to take home a bomber of La Folie or Transatlantique. A steal at twice the price.

So, in closing, I hope you got a ticket and if you didn't I hope you'll get one next year.


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