I got Lost in the Woods...


I got Lost in the Woods...

As you may already know from my post the other day, we hosted our first, open to the public, at night, type of party. It was in celebration of the 2013 releases of La Folie and Transatlantique Kriek. This was Lost in the Woods, we were all lost in the woods, and boy-howdy it was fun. To see how fun, from someone else's perspective, take a look at Fermentedly Challenged here, or the Denver Post here. Or, maybe, watch this film from Adam Valuckas:


The party was super fun and full of great sour beer. Probably 600 people in the brewery, all enjoying good times, food pairings, sour beer education and music. Really, it was a hoot. 

But. what does this post mean to all of you that were not able to make to the party? It means that the official release of 2013 La Folie and Transatlantique Kriek has happened and these beers should be trickling into bars and bottle shops as we speak (er, write). Check the Beer Finder for details on finding these beers in your area and get ready to pucker those lips because these sour beers are awesome and sour and wonderful. 

Until next time my friends,


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