Drink some beer, then create a card (for any occasion)!


Drink some beer, then create a card (for any occasion)!

After the success of our e-card creator linked to the Glass That Gives Winter Spectacular we have done it again. In support of Rampant Imperial IPA we invite you to share some bitter humor. Here is a link to our brand new card creator. Seriously, a card creator!

You can use one of our pre-written cards to express any number of outward emotions, like this one: 

Or you can write your own bubbles and create your own sentiments. Here's one I made for my pal Adrian:

Upon making your card you can email it to your pals (and yourself), or share it to your Facebook wall, it's just that easy. There are a whole bunch of photos to choose from and all sorts of ways to delight and tease your friends. Like, say your friend just built a sauna and invited you over to enjoy it with him. But you see it as a poorly built,  dangerous, carbon monoxide filled death trap... You can make a card for that:

There is not one thing that can happen on planet earth that one of these e-cards can't celebrate. Give it a go, crack a Rampant, have fun and share your cards all over the place.

Happy writing and I will see you soon!


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