April 1st, and stuff...


April 1st, and stuff...

Man, I love April Fool's Day! This morning I taped down the handle of the sink sprayer! It totally soaked my wife, children, kitchen floor, counters, cabinets, adjacent bathroom and my priceless collection of Faberge' Eggs. It was great! 

And, as a St. Louis native, and lover of totally awesome beer, I also love Schlafly. Historically, today is also the day in which I lay in wait for the Schlafly April Fool's post. I will sit, computer facing, until it hits the internet. In the past they have done Schlafly Titanium, they have done the Swirlie Bottle, with GULP technologythe Ultimate 550... Then there was the pre-April Fool's set up joke of 2009, Schlafly APA Lime. They have a real nice sensibility with the laugh-y stuff over there (not to mention high-end love of Cardinals Baseball). 

And then today happened, another gem, 21st and Locust. 

Kudos Schlafly! Kudos indeed...

With love (and without an April Fool's joke of my own). XO,


PS, #LetsDoThisThing

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