Phones Replaced With Fat Tires.


Phones Replaced With Fat Tires.

I'm on Tumblr. A lot. I love it. It's fun and quick and there are so many interesting/hilarious things there one can't help but dedicate 12 or 13 hours per day looking at it. One of my all time favorite follows on Tumblr is Phones Replaced With Sandwiches (seriously, click on the link, it's amazing). 

And then, the other day, a few of us were sitting around the Beer Factory talking about Phones Replaced With Sandwiches and we decided to build an homage to this wonderful Tumblr. I present to you Phones Replaced With Fat Tires... 

Beer, up high.


A big hole.

So cool....

Ah, phones Replaced With Fat Tires, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. If you feel like submitting take to It could be fun. Or, maybe replace the phone with a sandwich and send it to the person who thought of this first... 

I love you,


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