Meet the sumo wrestling Sanger brothers (and their mullets)


Meet the sumo wrestling Sanger brothers (and their mullets)

[Editor's note: This is the first post from Nic the Intern. We hired Nic to travel around, go to Tour de Fats (and a few other events) to collect stories and tell the world of his adventures. He's a real nice guy (and lucky to boot). Follow him: Tour de Fat on Facebook, and @TourdeFat on Twitter and Instagram, as well as here, the New Belgium Blog. 

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From Nic:

This past weekend Tour De Fat ventured to Durham, NC for its third year in a row, and we brought along a couple of co-workers from the Mothership in Fort Collins to help out. World, meet the Sanger brothers:

The Sanger Brothers

Josh, left, and Jason, right, like motorcycles, cut-off shirts and words like "dang," and for Durham's Tour De Fat they got some killer mullet extensions glued into the backs of their heads. Why'd they do it? Because for one, the mullets were baller. The other reason, though, was that the Sangers were given the honor of sumo wrestling — it's a tradition when Tour De Fat rolls into North Carolina — Friday, June 14 after the seventh inning of the Durham Bulls AAA baseball game against the Indianapolis Indians.

Here they are signing wavers in the stadium's tunnels:

The Sanger brothers signing wavers

And here's Josh in his sumo suit:

Josh Sanger in his sumo suit

Notice the fake belly button and nipples. We thought those were funny:

the fake belly buttons on the sumo suits

Josh and Jason really liked their suits — maybe too much. The seventh inning was a doozy, meaning the guys were in costume for a rather long time. This led to pre-match wrestling, fart jokes and a lot of pontificating from both Sangers. Durham Bulls staff, we apologize.

Jason managed to take off his sock while wearing his suit, which, according to people with experience in these matters, was very impressive:

Jason taking off his sock.

He then kicked Josh in the butt:

Jason kicking Josh in the butt

Anyway, the brothers finally made it on to the field to fight three rounds in front of 10,000(ish) people. They were jazzed:

The sanger brothers on field

The sanger brothers on field

Now, the first two rounds were rigged — Jason and Josh would each win one of them — so the real fight came down to the final and third round. Most fake sumo matches at AAA baseball games can probably be brushed aside as simple entertainment, but in the case of the Sangers, it was a blood match. Nay, it was a blood REmatch ... a rematch for every scuffle the brothers got into while growing up. 

There was more on the line than the title of Durham Bulls sumo champion. The winner, well, the winner would be able to hold this fleeting moment over his brother's head until death. 

With that in mind, Josh went to work:

Josh winning big time

He viciously handled his brother, first slamming him to the mat and then, for good measure, adding a crowd pleasing body slam:

So that's that. Josh is officially the better-wrestling Sanger, and Jason has to live with it for the rest of his life. No big deal, I guess, if you have no pride.

Here's Josh posing with the past-years' winners of the Durham Bulls/New Belgium Brewing annual sumo-athon:

the sumo champions

That is one sexy looking winner's circle. Here's to next year's match; hopefully it's a tag team cage brawl sorta effort. Oh, and the Bulls lost in extra innings, which was a bummer. A few of us are still sporting their caps here in Fort Collins, though. GO BULLS!

— Nic The Intern

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