Dear Diary...


Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I last wrote, I'm sorry about that. I am very much still in recovery mode from the Durham Tour De Fat. Good thing we hired Nic the Intern. He's young and spry and probably less tired than I am right now. Diary, I sure hope he talks about the Durham Tour stop on the blog, because I have nothing. I only have one picture on my camera, and it was of me and the mascot for the Durham Bulls. Here it is:


We do look nice. Though it has little (or nothing) to do with the Tour itself, other than my right hand clutching a tall boy of Fat Tire (and even that's a stretch). I did try to get the mascot to hold the can, but he waved it off as if he wasn't allowed to do stuff like that. It's understandable. A friend of mine has a story about a book he wrote. He saw a (not to be named) celebrity and asked the (not to be named) celebrity to hold the book for a picture and they declined. Citing that they didn't know what was in the book, and would hate to get a picture taken with it, have the picture taken as an endorsement of the book, only to find out later that he disagreed with the subject matter in my friend's newly published book. It makes sense. Maybe the Durham Bulls mascot couldn't see out of the peep-holes of his furry head to recognize the can of beer as Fat Tire. Because maybe if he saw it was a Fat Tire he would have held it for the picture (but still, probably not).

Anyway, I do hope Nic the Intern took some photos and notes and stuff, because it would be really nice to have a Durham Tour De Fat recap written up and put on this (here) blog.

Talk soon Diary, I love you.


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