Tour De Fat: It was gentle on this first-timer


Tour De Fat: It was gentle on this first-timer

Dear Diary,

Last weekend I went to my first Tour De Fat in Durham, NC, and boy was it boondoggling. I mean, I knew it was a celebration of beer, bikes and bemusement — who wouldn't be interested in that? — but people's dedication to having fun far exceeded my thoroughly un-hyped expectations. 

A guy in a Jesus costume

Bemusement-seekers started flooding the gates as soon as they opened. What's more, they were wearing some great costumes. There was Mario/Luigi, Lord Humungus (from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior aka the second-best film ever made), a couple in tiger suits, a steampunk fighter pilot and even Jesus appeared. It was cool to see all of the creativity devoted to a charitable beer and bike-celebrating festival, but it made me feel rather inadequate. You see, I didn't wear a costume ... NEWBIE MISTAKE. I'll be sporting the most eye-catching get-up at the next Tour; you wait and see, diary.

A nearly-naked man playing a saxophone

Alright, maybe I won't dawn the most eye-catching costume, but I'll go almost all-out. Speaking of all-out, the performers, including the nearly-naked guy with a saxophone, were great. I had a really good time watching acts in the Le Tigre Tent, listening to tunes from He's My Brother, She's My Sister and Those Darlins and catching different routines on the Stage Stage (it's the second stage, but it's called Stage Stage ... idk w/v). Oh, and there was this group called Down To Earth Aerials that suspended themselves in the air with two sheets of fabric and did wild acrobatics. It simultaneously impressed me and made me feel bad about my lack of upper-body strength. It also made me feel bad about my lack of lower-body strength, too.

People getting wild at the Tour.

People had a good time. It turns out that bike culture, sunny skies, good music and beer pairs well, and more than 3,000 people in Durham knew it. The crowd meandered a bit after the bike parade wrapped up, getting their bearings and beers, but by early afternoon things were swinging. I didn't realize just how excited people in states outside Colorado are about New Belgium, both its beer and its culture, and it was fun to be part of the team that helped them enjoy it to its fullest.

The dance-off winner 

I watched one Tour-goer win a New Belgium cruiser bike in a dance off, and another trade their car for an all-purpose commuter. That got me pretty excited myself, being a cycling fan and all. Bikes are just fun, and it was nice to see that Durham agrees. And the Tour raised more than $20,000 for local non-profits, so hooray to that.

Well, diary, that's all for now. I'll be sure to let you know how my next Tour goes and to show you my costume. Right now I'm thinking it'll either be a Bohemian kangaroo or a life-sized bottle of Fat Tire. They both sound like uncomfortably warm options, so we'll see.

— Nic The Intern

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