Happy Birthday America!!!!!


Happy Birthday America!!!!!

The great day is upon us. It's the day of the greatest American holiday. The fourth day of July. July Fourth is the day when we get to drink beer with no shirts on, and shoot off fireworks (unless you live in the West (like me (sometimes I miss fireworks and Missouri summers (sometimes)))). We get to hang out with friends, and not go to work, and we get to remember (to remember) that America looks really good for being 237 years old. This day is about freedom and enjoying the spirit of freedom, and America, and partying for America!

In that American-party spirit, I have three recommendations:

July Fourth Recommendation One: 

On the Fourth of July drink Rolle Bolle. It's a great summer beer. And, with the way seasonal beers are timed these days, it's not going to be around much longer. Rolle Bolle is brewed with Soursop and Monk Fruit and has just the right amount of tartness to be more refreshing than a frozen pineapple, right to the gizmos. Feel free to stretch recommendation one into the yard game front too. Rolle Bolle is a traditional Belgian yard game, kind of like bocce, but less Italian and played with wheels instead of balls. Read all about it here...

July Fourth Recommendation Two: 

Glue a boat to the top of a school bus and start partying like only boot-strapping, build-it-yourself, American heroes can party:

July Fourth Recommendation Three: 

Drink Fat Tire out of the can. This is the choice for the out-of-doors-type partiers. If you, and your party, find yourself partying by the river, or at the pool (or where ever, as long as it's wet and people are barefooted) cans are the perfect choice. Even if you're not by water, drink Fat Tire out of the can, they are awesome and feel/smell/taste like summer. Or maybe, if you take recommendation two, drive your boat-bus right into a lake, climb up to the boat and give your partying friends a couple cans of Fat Tire (none for you, you're driving the boat).  

In closing, please take some of my advice. I know a lot about partying and America, and celebrating birthdays. The Fourth of July my favorite day of the year. I like it more than my own birthday. And I have hundreds of miniature American flags to prove it. So get out there, sing This Land is Your Land, drink some beers, and try not to give America too many hugs (it gets awkward)...

I Heart You (America),


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