Chicago things made better by New Belgium beer


Chicago things made better by New Belgium beer

Well, Tour de Fat Chicago is right around the corner (this Saturday at Palmer Square), and that got us thinking about all the things the historic city is famous for. Then we started thinking about how those things are made better by New Belgium beer. Then we made a list of those things. Here it is:

The cubs plus new belgium

1. The Cubs

Being a Cubs fan isn't easy. The historic and goat-addled club hasn't won the World Series since 1908. Of course there was hope in 2003, but after a seven-game series loss in the National League Championship — and the now-infamous "Steve Bartman Incident" — it's harder than ever to root for the Cubs. Luckily, New Belgium beer makes cheering for the perpetual loser a bit easier. Cheers, Cubs fans.

Chicago hot dog plus new belgium

2. Chicago-style hot dogs

Relish, pickles, mustard, peppers and an all-beef franfurter. Few things are less American, less Chicagoan and more heart-burn inducing. But what rounds out this summertime favorite better than just about anything else? Beer! Well, actually a Cubs win might be better, but we all know those are hard to come by.

Navy pier plus new belgium

3. Navy Pier

Everyone is sick of taking their visiting family members to the most-visited tourist destination in Chicago. Sure, there's a ferris wheel and a bunch of water. Those things are cool. But how many times does a Chicago-native need to visit Navy Pier? Don't fret, beer is here. And it makes any tourist trap a world of wonder.

Sue's skeleton plus new belgium

4. Sue

Dinosaurs are rad. The T. Rex is way rad. T. Rexes drinking beer is even radder. FMNH PR 2081 — affectionately nicknamed Sue — is one mean looking dinosaur skeleton, and Chicago is darn lucky to have her. It's actually hard to think of a reason why beer makes Sue more enjoyable, but looking at a photoshopped picture of a dinosaur skeleton holding a beer is funny.

the bean plus new belgium

5. The Bean

Speaking of funny, have you ever drunk some beer and looked at yourself in a wonky mirror?

Well Chicago, we're really excited to bring Tour de Fat to your wonderful city this weekend. Come down to Palmer Square on Saturday and join us! There'll be music, performances, bikes and beer. Doesn't that sound nice?

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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