Minneapolis Tour de Fat: Is it summertime?


Minneapolis Tour de Fat: Is it summertime?

Giving away bikes at the Tour de Fat

Yep, it's late July, but it felt more like a soggy fall day in Minneapolis Saturday as rain, clouds and freakishly low temperatures accompanied the Tour de Fat's stop in the twin cities. Less-than-ideal conditions might deter some other events, but the Tour de Fat is a traveling party, and parties tend to party no matter what. 

We're also fans of using "party" as a verb.

Really though, Tour de Fat Minneapolis went incredibly well — we were accompanied by The Moth and Those Darlins for our fifth year in the beautiful city, and a whole bunch of attendees got into the swing of things, dressing as bats, angel/garden gnomes, squirrels and even the board game Twister. Curiously, no one arrived as either Mario or Luigi; it's possibly a first so far this season. 

Speaking of firsts, the Tour had a pretty big one. We gave away two New Belgium cruiser bikes to the tied-for-first winners of the dance competition. It's never happened before, but you know what, they both deserved to go home on a new set of pedal-powered wheels after the moves they dropped on the dance floor. 

Oh, and more than $20,000 was raised for our nonprofit partners, which will help keep Minneapolis — arguably the best cycling city in the country — bike friendly. 

More pictures from the Minneapolis Tour de Fat are due to arrive later this week, but until then, go have a beer, ride a bike and remember why summertime is so beloved. I know I will.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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