Let's relive Tour de Fat Minneapolis


Let's relive Tour de Fat Minneapolis

Tour de Fat Minneapolis only happened three days ago, but why not relive one of the best parties that's ever happened in the history of the bipedal human race? Overstatement? Maybe, but we're pretty sure there wasn't a better party in all of Minnesota Saturday. 

Is that Darth Vader?

Through the trees we see you

It's true that the rain fell off and on all day. And yes, Minneapolis was rather cold for late July — the high temperature was 72 degrees, but it felt colder. Twin cities' cyclists yelled a collective (and fictional) "Who Cares!"and came out in force, albeit wearing an extra layer. The beer began flowing as soon as the bike parade wrapped, and, you know what? It seems Minnesota likes its beer.

Family relations, we think

Moreso than previous stops this season, Minneapolis seemed to be a family affair. As in multiple generations of beer-drinkers could be seen cheers-ing together from when the taps opened until they finally closed at 5 p.m.

Slow ride 4 lyf

And look at this guy and his cool belt — he won it in the slow ride race. Also, further evidence of the whole family thing. Though the babies weren't drinking beer, which is a good thing.

Here comes The Moth

It's unlikely the day could have been more fitting for The Moth, which brought out a few of its great storytellers to dazzle the Tour de Fat crowd. Their theme was "shifting gears" — clever, right? — and they successfully wrangled what's usually a raucous party into an attentive crowd buckling for the next revelation in an intimate story-tell. That's not easy; there's a reason storytelling is a craft.

This is just awkward

But that couldn't last forever.

They danced hard and they won

On it was to the dance competition, which will go down in the Tour de Fat Carnies' history books (which may or may not exist) as an all-time favorite. The structure of the dance competition goes as follows: four dancers are chosen out of the crowd, then they dance-battle until a winner is crowned. That winner walks away with a sweet New Belgium cruiser bike. What made Minneapolis special, though, was that there was a tie for the first time in Tour de Fat history. Two winners means two bikes were given away, something unlikely to happen again.

Ze Bike Traitor

Here's Sara. She traded her car for $2,500 toward building a sweet bike on which she'll commute for at least the next year. Sara is really cool. Everyone likes Sara.

Look at all them 2 wheelers

The day came to a close with a set from Nashville's Those Darlins, and they did the Tour de Fat justice. Also, more than $20,000 was raised for our nonprofit partners in Minneapolis, which is pretty sweet. 

Well the Tour is off until Aug. 17 when we'll be in Boise. More on that as it draws near.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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