Tour de Fat's look back at Boise


Tour de Fat's look back at Boise

As you might have gathered from our earlier mini-post, Boise was a bit of a good time. Nay, it was a super time. The Tour de Fat's been heading to Idaho for 12 years running, and it's for good reason. The people there like us, and we like them. That's the sort of mutually fulfilling relationship that should be more common in the modern era.

But enough with the love vapors, let's talk about partying. What we didn't mention in that mini-post was the absurd pre-party Radio Boise threw Friday night. It featured live tunes from BlVRRED VISION, the Dirty Moogs, Ishi and Tour de Fat regular SSSSnake.

Pre tent party top

There was lots of New Belgium beer, which was delicious, and a lot of fun people drinking it. Boise even shut down an entire city block in the downtown district just for the preFat party. All in all, it was more than the Fat carnies expected. Boise, we were honored. Oh, and the Lionsweb Performance Art was pretty awesome, too. Here's an illustrative photo:

mirror mirror on the wall

See, I told you there were a lot of people ... 

night crowd (ooh ahhh)

I even took an accidental selfie, and the rules of the selfie dictate that I must share it with the world.


So on to Tour de Fat. We were expecting a pretty big crowd thanks to prior experience in Boise, but, on a personal level, I was pretty blown away. I'd never been to Boise, much less seen a Tour de Fat there. It reminded me of the hometown Fort Collins show, which is massive. Early numbers (we're still working out exact figures) put the parade at about 7,000 participants. Yup, 7,000 Boisian souls thought ita good idea to wake up early on a Saturday and ride their bikes in funny costumes. Those crazies ...

big ol parade

I'm not sure the following picture shows you anything new, but I'm including it because I find the symmetry visually pleasing. Maybe you will, too.

cool bridge pic

The parade wrapped around noon, and Ann Morrison Park swelled with a bunch of people who decided to put on wigs, spandex, magenta makeup and butterfly wings for the day (which is precisely what the Tour de Fat is all about.) Beer flowed and smiles flashed as performers like Scot Nery and Honeymoon Cabaret took to the stages. (We have two. There's the Main Stage and the STAGE Stage. I still find the STAGE Stage name confusing, but whatever.)

Also, mirrors were a theme for me during this Tour. Not sure what's up with that.

mirror girlz

This is Zach. Those are two belts from previous Slow Rides at the Boise Tour de Fat. He won a third belt Saturday. Everyone was thoroughly impressed. He also seemed like a pretty nice guy.

flag manmanman

This is Caitlin. She traded her car for a bike. She seemed like a pretty nice gal.

Caitlin's on a bike!

The day's musical performers were Fort Collins' locals Fierce Bad Rabbit and Denver's own Devotchka. Both of them were super. Did you know Devotchka uses a Theremin. I didn't. And look out for Fierce Bad Rabbit, who will also be playing next Saturday's Fort Collins Tour de Fat.

Happy lady

Did we mention that about $55,000 was raised for our nonprofit partners in Boise?

That's a lot of guap

Well that's all for now. I'm going to continue to recover from Idaho and catch up on the U.S. Pro Challenge, which Juicebox just happens to be covering on this very blog. Check it out if you like bikes, beer, amicable people or things that are, generally, not depressing.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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