New Belgium beer pairs well with high altitude...


New Belgium beer pairs well with high altitude...

Stage two of the US Pro Cycling Challenge brought us to the top of Independence Pass, and this time we brought beer.

 We took the van up to 12,000 feet and gave away beers to every person of legal drinking age that we could find, and they enjoyed them. And we enjoyed handing them out. Independence Pass offered another spectacular back drop for giving away beer too.

Delightful looking, isn't it?

Anyway, I wanted to keep today's post short, sweet, and picture heavy. So here's a bunch of good ones of the fans, and the racers and other stuff too.

Here's Disco Head, this guy's a baller...

This is the funniest joke ever.

This is Steve, he rode this bike the 25 miles from Aspen, he is also a baller.

Then racers were racing.

Still racing (do you notice the shirtless guy in the back ground? I am starting to wonder if that guy even owns a shirt.).

And then I tried to get all artsy, but my finger got in the way... But them bikes are very pretty.

There it is, day two is in the books. Tomorrow we head over to Steamboat Springs, and I think we're going to give a couple New Belgium cruisers away. Are you going to be in town? You should be. And then you should follow @NewBelgium on Twitter, because the details for the bike give-aways are going to be coming out of there.

Bye bye good friends, and I will talk to you soon!


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