Time to paddle up the Steam-er Creek


Time to paddle up the Steam-er Creek

The last two days have been great. I am tired, very thirsty, unshaven, and my left eye is starting to close involuntarily. But the band must play on, and the US Pro Cycling Challenge (henceforth USPCC) stops for no one, ever. 

Yesterday we drove into Steamboat, ahead of the racers and looking for a good time. That happened right away. The Tour de Fat carnies are on the road with us and they have brought along some of the art bikes that make that show (the TDF) so great and interactive. At the USPCC they set up a few of them, let everybody ride and have fun. In Steamboat the bike pit (as it's called) was placed right in the middle of Kid Zone. Which is cool, the kids like to shred too, but the adults were shying away. Weady thought it would be a good idea to do some promotion for the pit. He started riding the weird little mini/not-mini bike down the finishing straight.

He finished first, he's a winner. The only thing more awesome than riding down the finishing straight on a weird little bike, and winning the race with yourself, is riding over to the finishing straight on a weird little bike. Steamboat was a very busy place yesterday. Weady was dodging people, and going up and down curbs, and some of his riding was smooth and some was smoother.

He rode this out, it may not look like it, but he was in control the whole time... He drove the crowds from the race barrier to the bike pit and back, it was lovely to watch.

Next up in Steamboat, as promised, we gave away two 2013 New Belgium cruiser bikes via Twitter. The first was won by Steve and Donna, Steamboat locals. I put a message out on Twitter for details to win, and they followed along, and sure enough, they rode the bike home. So if there is a lesson to learn here it's that if you have a Twitter account you can win stuff, like bikes. 

The second bike, also a Twitter giveaway, with a little more luck involved, was won by Lindsay. She walked into the bike pit, the 2013 cruiser was sitting in there as if it was just another bike to ride, and when she got on it she won it. It was such an exciting moment that I forgot to take a picture. Trust me, she was stoked. 

Take heed my friends, if you're in Vail for stage five, and you haven't stopped by the bike pit you should, because maybe we'll give another bike away. It was fun, and we have more bikes, and seriously, follow @NewBelgium on Twitter.

I want to take a minute and show you these guys, they work hard, they make sure the beer is flowing and lots of other stuff is flowing too. They are some of the guns behind the beer truck. Plus, they're handsome as all get out. Can I get a round of applause for Gruber, Bogan, and Asher? They really earned it.

The rest of the day was great, Jens Voight went on a flyer, almost won, didn't, and then Peter Sagan won, again. That guy is very fast on a bicycle. But when Jensie was on his flyer and it looked like it was going to happen for him I was reminded of this moment from the USPCC of last year, when Jensie went on a flyer and I ran next to him and spilled beer on him and then he won the stage. 

Highlight of my life (and his, I bet (but for different reasons)).

After the excitement of stage three in Steamboat we had BBQ and beers and even a hurricane (the pink, boozy drink that you normally spill on yourself wandering the streets of New Orleans). Then we rode cruiser bikes up a giant hill (and I mean a really giant hill) to get to the bed that I so very much wanted to lay in. 

Then the alarm went off, I felt cloudy but good, and we headed off to Beaver Creek. We drove the race course on the way to Beaver Creek. There were lots of big climbs with really nice people hanging out on top of them for cheering and such when the riders would come through later in the day. They all looked thirsty, so we stopped, and we gave them all cold beers. They looked like they needed it... I would show you pictures, but you know how it goes, I was busy handing beers out and had no extra arms for picture taking.

The one time on the drive that I did have time to take pictures was when a herd of cattle crossed the road in front of us, it was awesome and felt very Colorado.

It took a while for all to pass, but it was cute and funny and we weren't in a hurry.

Then we got to Beaver Creek, and I present this photo essay to show how it all went down:

And that's that, tomorrow is the Vail Time Trial, and then the big time Fort Collins stage... This week is going to kill me, but it is going to be a fun path to my own doom.

Remember to find us on Twitter and win stuff.

I love you,


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