It's all over but the beer drinking (and there's still plenty of that to do).


It's all over but the beer drinking (and there's still plenty of that to do).

In looking back, I guess Beaver creek was the last place we talked... There was the time trial in Vail the next day (Friday (Teejay van Garderen won it, it was sweet). I got some pictures of the Teejay, but only in the start house, and while the photo was easier to get in the start house (because he wasn't moving yet) I did get one good one with a rider on course. I think it better implies the drama of the situation.

For those of you that may not know what a time trial is let me explain it (as best I understand it). It's when the bike racers ride bikes that look even more uncomfortable than their regular ones in clothes that seem even spandex-i-er, and they ride alone instead of in a group and when they're done they barf (or at least they look like they're going to barf). It's race for time, I guess. Anyway, they ride really fast during it and getting pictures was really hard.

But you know what wasn't hard to take a picture of? Mary Poppins. And guess what... She doesn't recycle!

After Vail it was the hometown show, stage six in Fort Collins! Me and the crew drove into town, restocked the cooler, and headed up the slopes to Bingham Hill. Turns out, some fellows from a local watering hole called Road 34 were up there too, and they brought a mechanical bull.

Here's the crew

Here's the cooler

Here's the mechanical bull

We were up there for a while before the race came through. It was fun. We gave away beers and cruisers and watched the road side fans grow in number from nine (us and the Road 34 dudes) into a few hundred folks up there by race time. Fort Collins really came out to celebrate. This is the point in the write up when I usually show you a picture of how awesome the race was, or at least some bike racers actively racing. But I don't have that. What I do have is a picture from my pal Stevil Kinevil of All Hail the Black Market. I present to you the greatest bicycle race photo ever taken.

For more great photos and pictures and race "reporting" head over to AHTBM (link above) and give Stevil a read... 

After the riders came through we headed down to the brewery. There was a huge party and fun and stuff happening there. It was then that I saw my daughter for the first time in over a week, so I quit the work shenanigans and played with her, it was fun. We ran around in the grass and then had waffles. 

Denver was next (and last). The race in Denver on Sunday was fun, and the crowds were huge and Twitter wasn't working and I was having a hard time seeing anything but the back's of the people standing in front of me. And without my Twitter feed to read and no stilts to stand on I had nothing else to do but get a shaved ice. I asked for a rainbow of flavor.

After my shaved ice and the conclusion of the race I gathered the crew. The USAPCC was over. Teejay van Garderen won the yellow jersey and thousands of people watched him do it. It was fun and entertaining and tiring and other stuff too. I spent this morning sleeping and then cleaning the weird smell from the van (no success). It was a good week and New Belgium couldn't be happier with the way the race turned out. It was lots of people on the roadside enjoying fresh Colorado beer and watching fast Colorado bike racing. Overall it was super great. I wanna thank the crew, Amy, Roger, and Stevil for doing whatever it is that they do...

This is the last time the USAPCC will come up on this blog for a while, so I hope you got your fill. If you need more just crack a Fat Tire, close your eyes, and start chanting TEEJAY! TEEJAY! TEEJAY! quietly under your breath. 

I love you,


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