Tour de Fat: Fort Collins photo dump


Tour de Fat: Fort Collins photo dump

So the hometown Tour de Fat show is over, which is sad, because it was awesome. At the same time though, it was awesome, so there isn't much to be sad about. 

We look forward to the Fort Collins show every year: it's our largest, weirdest and frankly our most fantastic. Saturday an estimated 25,000 attendees put on radical costumes, came out to Civic Center Park and had a total ball — and we have pictures to prove it.

A couple cool dudes

A couple fine-looking gentlemen here. One problem, however. I've been trying to figure out where the hand holding the Tour de Fat cup is coming from. Best guess? The guy in blue wearing a backpack behind our denim-clad friend. But I like to entertain the thought that the guy wearing the red headband has an incredibly long reach.

Giraffe people

These giraffe costumes are very well done, but I couldn't help wonder if they got caught on low-hanging tree branches during the parade. I never saw these two after the parade wrapped, so it's entirely possible. I guess it's also possible that they stopped to forage on the same low-hanging tree branches.


It's important to stress how great the Fort Collins Police Department was in helping to keep order during the massive parade. There were a whole lot of pedal-power commuters out there, and Fort Collins' finest made sure everything went smoothly. Thanks again, Mr., Ms. and Mrs. police officers.

We be jugglin'

Jugglers ... jugglers everywhere.

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts played, and people really liked him. His mix of improvisational comedy and left-field hip-hop had the big crowd excited. He's also a very nice guy, and wears wonderful sunglasses (though you can't see them in this photo.)

Dancing dudez

Dancing metal man

This happened during the dance competition, and it was scary. We thought our long-haired friend might fall off the stage while trying to escape from the banana-chasing gorilla, aka Stunt Pepper Dancer. It was a tense couple of microseconds, but everything turned out fine. The dance competition continued and our long-haired friend lost (sorry dude.)

Bike pit

Something special about the Fort Collins show is the size of the venue. We've outgrown a couple of them in our time, and now are situated in the Civic Center Park area of Downtown Fort Collins. That's a bit too simple of an explanation, though. The Fort Collins show has three stages compared to the typical two, and each stage is separated from the other by a section of road closed off to traffic. This means you can be at the bike pit and STAGE Stage experiencing something awesome (like The Moth, which joined us this weekend) while He's My Brother She's My Sister are going wild on the Main Stage a couple hundred yards away.


And speaking of HMBSMS, they put on a heck of a show to close out the festivities Saturday. Thanks ya'll, for being so dang good at what you do. (They're also playing Denver, Tempe and San Diego, by the way.)

Crowd shot

So yeah, it was a really good day. And we raised approximately $90,000 for our nonprofit partners, too. Now we're gearing up for the Denver show — it's this Saturday, and it ain't no slouch — before a week off between shows.

Fort Collins, we'll see ya next year.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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