Hawt Dang! Denver did it big, ya'll


Hawt Dang! Denver did it big, ya'll

Denver Parade

Well we just wrapped up here in the Mile High City, and let me tell you, Denver was a hoot. If last weekend's Fort Collins show was our homecoming, then Denver's, like, going over to the neighbor's house — you know, those neighbors you've lived next door to since birth and don't have to call before coming over and raiding their pantry for chips and crackers. 

Denver parade two

Denver's one of our fastest-growing and youngest shows, and this year about 15,000 persons of legal drinking age came out to ride their bikes, catch some super duper live music and support local cycling simply by buying delicious beer.

It's a dog

There were also a good number of very cute dogs in attendance. Maybe not 15,000 of them, but enough to have a generous-size dog party, for sure.

There were many bikes

Great costumes dudettes

These were some very good costumes. I thought they should be recognized for their awesomeness.

It was really hot

Denver reached a high of 96 degrees today. Most everyone — myself included — decided to deal with it by sweating like an olympic wrestler trying to drop weight before a weigh-in. These guys, though, played it smart. Here's to you, guys who realized beer could be more than just a tasty beverage. 

Total hero shot

He's my Brother She's My Sister being really good at music making

He's My Brother, She's My Sister are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Maybe it's because they've played a few Tour de Fat's this year. Maybe it's because they're an incredible band. Maybe it's both. All I know is that Denver genuinely loved them.

Angry mob with beer

So thanks for coming out today Denver. I almost forgot, you raised more than $75,000 for cycling nonprofits via enjoying beer. When else is drinking fine brews synonymous with philanthropy? Not often, me thinks.

I'll put up more info regarding the Denver show later this week, but for now it's time to break down the stage and find a shower. I definitely need one.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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