Music and beer.


Music and beer.

Nic the Intern loves Spotify. I mean, who can blame him? Spotify is pretty great. He likes to think about the next city on the Tour de Fat tour schedule, think about bands from that town, and then build a playlist of bands from that town. He then shares the playlists via Twitter and Facebook. He also loves crowd-sourcing and teamwork. Nic the Intern posted this Tweet from the @TourdeFat Twitter handle the other day: 

This is what happened for the San Francisco playlist... 

Nic's big idea here is pairing music with the spirit of the Tour de Fat, and part of the spirit of the Tour de Fat is beer, so the next logical step for me is pairing music with beer. This is not a new, or unique idea. Lots of people do it everyday. I did it lots times just last night. But I want to take a minute and write out a few of my favorites. 

1. Shovels and Rope O' Be Joyful and Blue Paddle

Shovels and Rope are great, and gritty and seemingly a favorite of everyone who has ever heard them. The very same can be said for Blue Paddle (except maybe the "gritty" part, that would be no bueno). Together they happen easy and make every night something to hoot and holler to. 

2. Deer Tick Divine Providence and Trippel 

Deer Tick is a perennial favorite of mine. It's fun music, and strong. So let's crack a Trippel to drink with it. Our strongest, full time beer, Trippel likes to party, and from the sounds of Divine Providence, Deer Tick likes to party too. And I think they make a perfect pair. 

3. Zeke 'Till the Livin' End and Rampant Imperial IPA

This one just makes sense. Both are hard driving, full of energy and awesome. That should be enough for a solid music pairing. 

Do you have any others? I bet you do. What are your favorite beer and music pairings? Tell us on Twitter and be sure to use #MusicPairing.


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