Tour de Fat likes San Francisco, and here's why


Tour de Fat likes San Francisco, and here's why

Welp, the time has come; Tour de Fat is going to San Francisco on Saturday. It's a beautiful city, San Francisco, and it's hard to find a single person who'd say otherwise. Its beauty is part of the reason the Tour de Fat keeps going back, but I thought I'd lay out a few others because, well, I'm excited to hang out in Golden Gate Park Saturday. 

I'm going to have so much fun that I fully expect to leave behind my toothbrush, shirt or possibly a pair of socks — to say nothing of my .

Tour de Fat baseball

Reason #1: San Francisco is one heck of a baseball town

Sure, the Barry Bonds chapter is tainted with steroids and gaudy earrings, but AT&T Park (pictured above with the Giants's new star outfielder) is arguably the most beautiful baseball stadium in existence. To add to that, and possibly as a result of it, is the fact that Giants fans are some of the most dedicated in the league — they've sold out every home game since Oct. 1, 2010. And yes, that's currently the longest streak. 

Tour de Fat chocolate

Reason #2: Chocolate is delicious

And Ghirardelli, one of this country's most recognizable chocolate producers, is super delicious. Sure, its production facilities technically aren't located in SF anymore, but Ghirardelli Square is still open to the public for tours. If Ghirardelli seems out of place on this short list, then you are underestimating the deliciousness of chocolate. In fact, I propose that all meetings of foreign diplomacy begin with a communal chocolate tasting — there'd probably be less wars as a result.

Tour de Fat Alcatraz

Reason #3: Alcatraz Island

No other prison is as mythologized as Alcatraz — except for maybe that pit prison in the latest "Batman" movie. Films, literature, the Native American Occupation and even Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 4 (one of my favorites in the series, by the way) have transformed the one-time prison into a national treasure. 

And if you couldn't tell, Fat Tire is backstroking away from the prison in the picture above. My Photoshop skills are kinda weak when it comes to perspective. 

Tour de Fat Chinatown

Reason #4: Food FOod FOOD!!!

Alright so the image above is of Fat Tire visiting Chinatown, but what I was really going for was San Francisco's food culture. I missed the mark, I know.

Moving on: It's gosh dang delicious. The seafood is incredible, the asian cuisine (of any flavor) is darn near impossible to beat and the overall California spin that SF restaurants put on dishes is unique and superb.

So there it is, some of the reasons we're excited to soon be in SF eating Banh Mi in Golden Gate Park. See you in a couple days.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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