San Francisco Tour de Fat got soggy, then it got fun


San Francisco Tour de Fat got soggy, then it got fun

So we knew there was a chance for rain when we came into San Francisco this week, but, after putting our faith in the latest weather forecasts, assumed the Tour de Fat would be safe in Golden Gate Park. We were pretty darn wrong.

Rain fell from about 8 a.m. to noon, flooding the bike pit, one of the beer tents and the STAGE Stage before finally letting up. But we weren't about to call it quits, and ended up having quite a ball when the rain broke for some blue skies and sun.

Tour de Fat girl dancing

The foul weather put a damper on early attendance, but San Franciscans began trickling into Golden Gate Park's Lindley Meadow once the clouds cleared and seemed to have as much fun as we did. Bikes were given away, dance contests were had and one special woman married her bike (in a legally non-binding ceremony — we don't have those powers.)

Tour de Fat dance contest

The Moth came out to tell a few gems of true stories, and Beats Antique put on quite the show for a hometown-ish crowd that soaked up their blend of electronic fusion goodness. All in all, San Francisco turned out pretty great despite mother nature's best efforts.

Tour de Fat Beats Antique

No info on fundraising figures just yet, but we'll roll those out after we consult our calculators. Now it's time to tear down the stage, sculptures, bikes and beer tents and get ready for next week's show in San Diego.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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