For the love of Pumpkick: fall-esque ways to enjoy our fall seasonal


For the love of Pumpkick: fall-esque ways to enjoy our fall seasonal

Few gourds are as closely associated with fall as pumpkins, which is why this year's fall seasonal, Pumpkick, was brewed with a generous dose of them — as well as cranberries and a wink of lemongrass. It's pretty dang good (if I say so myself.) 

It's officially been fall for all of two days, and with the new season comes blustery winds, chilly nights and things that naturally pair well with Pumpkick. If you haven't had one, well, you should. Better yet, drink it up while getting down on some of these similarly-associated-with-fall activities.

Pumpkick and football


Here in the U.S. football reigns supreme during the fall months. I think it's partly due to the physical nature of the sport. But more so I believe it's football's season timing that really pulls us in. Going to outdoor sporting events in early December is, for some reason, really fun. It can get cold though, which is why beer and football are a pretty great pair. 

Dream with me for a moment: you're in the parking lot of your favorite team's stadium, wool scarf around your neck, grilling bratwursts before the kickoff and reminiscing with close friends while sipping on a Pumpkick. Sounds nice, right?

Oh, and hail Peyton.

Pumpkick and Pumkins

Pumpkin Patches

Well this is a no-brainer. Pumpkick and pumpkin patches — they kind of go together. Grab a pumpkin beer, head to the pumpkin patch and ask yourself this: How'd they get that big ol' pumpkin into this little glass bottle?

I've been wondering myself, and I even work here. Trade secrets aren't wantonly traded, I suppose.

Pumpkick and Corn mazes

Corn Mazes

Drinking beers and getting lost in a corn maze. It sounds like the start to an awesomely bad horror film, which is fine in my book. Just remember, don't split up your group and your cell phone likely won't work (because it's a horror film, remember?). Have fun being chased by an evil scarecrow.


While less associated with fall than the other suggested activities, cribbage is one of the best foul-weather card games ever created. It's easier to learn than bridge, hogs a respectable amount of time per game and is best played by two people, making it one of the few intimate card games that doesn't stink (i.e. Go Fish.) Pair it with a good beer, sweater weather and a couple candles and you've got the makings of a great night.

Also, it was invented by the Brits, but (according to Wikipedia) is the official card game of U.S. military submarines.

Until next time — Nic The Intern

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