Tour de Fat San Diego: dopeness incarnate


Tour de Fat San Diego: dopeness incarnate

The San Diego Tour de Fat was awesome. Nay, awesome doesn't describe it well enough: the San Diego Tour de Fat was a physical paradise on a sometimes-not-so-utopian planet. 

Geeze, that sounds pompous. But I'm not pontificating. I promise. You see, New Belgium is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. A few weeks ago we had (some might call them) biblical rains, which led to similarly biblical flooding. Once the clouds parted, well, fall set in. That means chilled days, legitimately chilly nights and snow in the mountains.

San Diego was nothing of the sort. Sunny skies and mild temperatures greeted us, and along with them came a whole slew of San Diegans. I'll let the photos tell that side, though:

Tour de Fat parade

Look, it isn't sweater weather!

Tour de Fat slow ride

The slow ride was exceptionally slow, if I do say so myself.

Tour de Fat San Diego crowd

Just ... this guy. Thanks banana man for keeping it real.

No idea what's going on. Tour de Fat.

I think it's funny to post embarrassing photos of the Stunt Pepper dance team.

Tour de Fat pillow fight

I also find it funny when the Stunt Pepper dance team hits people with pillows. This guy took it like a champ.

Tour de Fat bike tunnel

Bikes = happiness and human tunnels.

Kicking it at the Tour de Fat

This group told me they were having fun. I was inclined to believe them, and I bet you are, too.

Tour de Fat got 99 problems, but fundraising ain't one

So I don't have figures on attendance, but I do know that last year the Tour de Fat raised $32,000 for our San Diegan nonprofit partners. That figure climbed to $36,000(ish) this year, which is an awesome improvement. Overall, I don't think we could have asked for a better day in America's Finest City.

We're now down to our last show of the season (a sad face emoticon would look weird here because of the parenthesis, but know that's the emotion I wish to convey.) Next week we swing into Tempe, where it will likely be even warmer and sunnier than San Diego. 

Bring it on, I say.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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