The Great American Craft Beer Carve Off!


The Great American Craft Beer Carve Off!

We were sitting around a while back, meeting about things. Pumpkick, our new fall seasonal, was forthcoming and we were trying to figure a good way to tell people about it. Then we got to thinking about how great pumpkin beer season is, and how many great pumpkin beers are out there, and how a lot of great breweries make great pumpkin beers. Then we started thinking about how fun it is to carve pumpkins and then– BOOM! The Great American Craft Beer Carve Off! We decided to challenge a bunch of other breweries to a pumpkin carving contest, judged by and voted on by you, the fans of great pumpkin beers. We also needed to put some stakes behind it, so we're giving the winning brewery $5000 to donate to the charitable cause of their choice. It's a win-win for everyone. 

The only hiccup we could foresee was how to get the voting accomplished in a way that was socially based, not hosted on our website, and accessible to all the fans of all the involved breweries. is a pretty cool site. It tells folks about stuff to eat and where to eat it, as well as news in the food world and stuff. And it's very cool that they agreed to host the contest, at

So, here we are, pumpkins carved up and ready. Let's introduce the line up:

Brooklyn Brewery St. Arnold
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Jolly Pumpkin Dogfish Head
Cigar City Schlafly
Cambridge Brewing New Belgium

A lot of amazing pumpkins in there... And a lot on the line: $5,000 to charity, pride, bragging rights, etc... 

So go vote, early and often (just kidding ( will only let you vote once (no vote rigging here!))).  And don't forget to tell your friends on the networks– #CraftCarveOff is the call sign, let's get it done. 



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