Really?! It's already GABF time again?


Really?! It's already GABF time again?

It is, like, no kidding, time for GABF again (or, the Great American Beer Festival returns, 2013). This is the time of year when brewers from everywhere get together, pour lots of cool and interesting beers for amateur beer drinkers/festival goers, and then have some other stuff (beers, mostly) judged by professional beer drinkers... It's also a huge party (as if that wasn't obvious from the (above) description). 

It is also a time when New Belgium, a scant 50 miles from GABF party HQ, throws a big ol' party of our own. We like to have special things on tap, share a few funny stories, and give tours to lots and lots of people. To be fair, that's what we do every other day too, but during GABF there is an extra spice-smelling wonder to the air we breathe. Here is a break down of all the amazing beers that will be tapped in our tasting room, and the day of its tapping:

Tuesday (yesterday, sorry)– Wild2 Dubbel (traditional Belgian style (with some Bretta thrown in (just for fun)))

Wednesday  – The Collaboration with Cigar City (Awesome chili beer)

Thursday – The Odd Couple (Wood aged, sour beer. Crazy new blend- some dark, some light, all great)

Friday – TART LYCHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Needs no explanation (unless it does (then- its a light sour, spiced with the sweet juice of the lychee fruit (It's super awesome))).

Saturday – Special firkin – (Ssshhhhh, it's a secret).

Then, of course, there will be food trucks, and happy people, and an atmosphere of frenzied conviviality.You should come by, unless you hate crowds (or good times), then maybe stay at home. 

Seriously, stop by, it's going to be fun. 

And then there's the festival in Denver. 

The taping list for that is too long and too awesome to list here. But believe me, it is long and awesome.

And then, for the last several years I have gone down to Denver, had fun, took pictures and then recapped the joy at Now is the time when everything changed. Nic the Intern, fresh off Tour de Fat season, is going in my stead. He is handy with a camera, has a way with words, and loves the re-cap post. He is also skilled at Twitter and stuff too, so stay tuned-in to the social network for details. 

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