It was a fun couple days at the Great American Beer Festival


It was a fun couple days at the Great American Beer Festival

We like to socialize at New Belgium. That's why we're big fans of the Great American Beer Festival, because, well, beer is a social thing. Right?

Don't get me wrong, the opportunity to sample more than 3,000 craft beers in one location is fairly miraculous. But what would all that beer drinking be without some friends by your side? It wouldn't be quite as much fun.

This was my first time at GABF — held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver — and while many a New Belgium coworker tried to prepare me for the overwhelming-ness that is the nation's largest beer festival, I was still a bit shocked. 

My disbelief quickly gave way to total contentedness, and soon I was making friends with like-minded beer enthusiasts. And while GABF isn't over quite yet, I figured I'd share with you my experience so far.

New Belgium GABF booth

So this is our GABF booth, and I must say that I think it looks pretty fantastic. We poured 10 beers for festivalgoers, ranging from Fat Tire and Shift, to La Folie and Le Terroir.

New Belgium GABF

These are some of the beers that I tried (before I stopped taking pictures of the beers that I tried.) I had a very good time trying beers.

New Belgium GABF pretzel necklaces

Many a GABF beer drinker wore pretzel necklaces, and I searched high and low for the man or woman wearing the most numerous salty snacks. I thought I'd found that person when I ran into the beer-drinker on the left — turns out the Frito-Lay armor man had him beat. Nice job, dude who loves Doritos.

New Belgium GABF mime

This may be hard to believe, but drunk mimes aren't very good at staying in character — trust me. Also, take note of the pretzel necklace. I'm telling you, they were everywhere.

New Belgium GABF Silent Disco

There is a silent disco at GABF. People seemed to be having fun at it. I probably should have joined them. I'm not much for dancing, though, so I just went on my way drinking beers.

New Belgium GABF Waldo

I found Waldo. Then I found another Waldo. Both of them wore pretzel necklaces, which I'm pretty sure will be the next big New York fashion trend (if such a thing exists.)

So after two days of GABF, I'm pretty much tuckered out. A shower is in order, maybe a long nap and a couple glasses of water. But then again, there's another day and night of GABF, so maybe I'll end up doing it all over again. 

I definitely need to find a pretzel necklace if I do, though.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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