Have you perused the New Belgium Beer Masher?


Have you perused the New Belgium Beer Masher?

New Belgium Beer Masher

New Belgium has brewed a whole bunch of beers over the last 22 years. While some of the originals are still on shelves (Fat Tire, Abbey, Trippel), many a fine brew exists simply in memory, or possibly in a few beer cellars. That's why the New Belgium Beer Masher exists.

It houses information on every (well, almost every) beer New Belgium has ever brewed. Want to know when Clutch came out? Well, Beer Masher can tell you it was born on Feb. 1, 2011. Maybe you're interested in knowing how Mothership Wit came to be — Beer Masher's got the lowdown on New Belgium's first foray into organically-produced beers.

For me, trips down memory lane are fun — reminiscing on my beers of the past only helps to better inform my beers of the future (when the time comes to consume them.)

Alright, I admit it. That last sentence was a bit heady. But the Beer Masher is really cool. And it isn't just for getting beer-stalgic (it's a combination of beer and nostalgic, and I came up with it and I'm in the process of copyrighting it, if that's even something I can copyright). 

You can find out all sorts of great information on our currents beers, like the hop variety of Rampant (mosaic, calypso and centennial), where to find Accumulation and just how sour La Folie is.

So do it, go check out the Beer Masher and all 61 beers listed on it. It's fun. And it looks cool. And knowing more about the beers you drink is always a good thing.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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