The Craft Carve Off is Complete!


The Craft Carve Off is Complete!

We challenged seven craft breweries, from around the country, to a pumpkin carving contest. We asked them to carve up their best pumpkin, take some photos, and send those photos to for a contest, on neutral ground (you know, not at Fans and readers were tasked with voting for the best pumpkin, and the brewery with the most votes would win. The win carried bragging rights and $5,000 to donate to charity. 

Well, you came, you saw, you voted, and Schlafly Beer took home the win. Here's their pumpkin: 

It's pretty good. Rumor has it they beer-bribed a water jet operator to carve it... That's good, ol' fashioned beer ingenuity. 

Over all, the Craft Carve Off was a monstrous success, and thanks to all that voted. With the win Schlafly is taking home the $5,000 to donate, and they are giving it to MOSAIC Services in St. Louis, MO (Schafly's hometown...). Mosaic is an organization helping at-risk kids, check out the link, it's a super great cause.

Here are some other links to click: 

Here is Schlafly's great post about winning

and here is's contest wrap-up post. 

Both are worth the read... 

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the participating breweries: Dogfish Head, Cambridge, Brooklyn, Jolly Pumpkin, St. Arnolds, Cigar City, and Schlafly. I also want to thank the fans for voting, it's because of you that we have a winner, and a contest, and pumpkin beers to drink.

That's all I got, I love you all,


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