Press Play Wednesday (Part 2 — Triumph at GABF)


Press Play Wednesday (Part 2 — Triumph at GABF)

I bet you thought last week's Press Play Wednesday was a fluke — an idea that would ultimately turn into a one-off adventure into the Internet's depths. Well, I'm here to tell you that that was a false assumption; you underestimated how much Juicebox and I like the interwebs.

So today I bring you P.P. Wednesday part 2, courtesy of Conan O'Brien. Sit back, relax and watch as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog dismantles everything that is the Great American Beer Festival — along with many a person who attends it. We had a good chuckle and assume (hope?) you will, too.

Circle back next week for P.P Wednesday part 3, when we'll post a video that might be about New Belgium, might be about beer or might be about neither of those things at all. All videos are fair game here.

Much love, loves — Nic The Intern

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