Daylight Saving Time is a jerk!


Daylight Saving Time is a jerk!

1554 is a crowd favorite. It's an enlightened black ale born of flooding and mystery and a hankering for a light, dark beer. That's right, a light, dark beer. 1554 has a black color, a roasty flavor, but a light body. It's not heavy, or filling... Really, this is the perfect beer for folks that don't like big, filling beers, or folks that like to drink more than one dark and roasty beer, or for folks that just like good tasting beer, because 1554 is a good tasting beer. 

1554 is also extra perfect for this time of year. Daylight Saving Time just happened, again (you know, if you're not in Arizona, or Hawaii, or parts of the rest of the world that don't "celebrate" this weird thing). It's the second time during the year when the clock on my phone is forced to change the way it looks (like that time my mom made me cut off my rattail). This time my phone was told to "fall" back, and it made my whole outlook on stuff change. Things are darker, more often– things like "morning," and "night," and even "late-afternoon." Sure, I reap the benefits of this plan during the sumer months. I stay outside, longer, on my bike, or my feet, or whatever. But come that Sunday in fall I inevitably go through the day confused on what time it is, and then all of a sudden, it's dark. But the good news is that I (we) have 1554 to help us through these tough times. It's dark out? Have a 1554. It feels colder today than yesterday? Have a 1554. Fall is just the closing window on the way to winter's house. It happens fast. Next thing you know there's snow, we're drinking winter beers, and all you hear outside is the ringing bells outside of grocery stores. So savor the light, dark beer now. 

1554 offers the perfect level of bigness to satisfy. It's roasty and carries chocolate tones, the malty sweetness rounds out the bitterness from the heavily kilned malts, and there is a (ever-so) subtle spiciness to 1554 that caps it all off. Here's a link to the Beer Finder, you know, for looking purposes. And I hope you can track some down and forget that this Daylight Saving Time ever happened...

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