A bit more on how to win a Colorado ski trip


A bit more on how to win a Colorado ski trip


It's ski season in Colorado — well, just about. A few mountains are open, a few are opening tomorrow and a few more are opening next weekend. That's good news for everyone, because expectations are high this winter; the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting greater-than-normal precipitation. And, generally speaking, there's just a feeling in the air that a slew of powder days are in the months to come.

So with all that in mind, if you aren't currently trying to win the Accumulation of Hops contest (and you like to ski), well, you should be. Not familiar with Accumulation of Hops? No problem — allow me to explain.

We wanted to reward people for doing things they already do, so we decided to hold an Internet game of sorts to celebrate the release of Accumulation — our new winter seasonal. How it works: make a user account on NewBelgium.com (if you haven't already), visit different sections of the website, download and explore the New Belgium Beer Mode app and tell your friends how much you like Accumulation. Doing all of these things earns you points; the more points you have, the greater your odds of winning an all-expenses paid ski trip to Colorado in March.

There are more ways to earn points (a full list is located here), but you get the gist of it — you don't have to jump through flaming rings like a circus animal in order to participate (though that does sound pretty cool.)

We're also dropping clues regarding the location of hidden hop cones on our website (finding them = more points) via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Here's an example:

New Belgium Accumulate Hops game

So start earning points toward the best time of your life. Meanwhile, I'll be drinking Accumulation.

Cheers — Nic

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