Rampant gets a meme makeover! (memeover?)


Rampant gets a meme makeover! (memeover?)

Juicebox and I are interweb devourers. We trawl the world wide web — it's part of our jobs. Recently, we decided the New Belgium blog should more closely mimic the Internet's important goings-on. And the best way to do that, of course, is with some memes. And what New Belgium beer is more ripe for the meme treatment than the burly, bitter imperial IPA that is Rampant?

The correct answer is "none." So, without further adieu, I present the Rampant memes:

Rampant and business cat

Business Cat knows what's up

Rampant and first-world problems

First world problems — Wanted a good beer, but could only order a good beer

Rampant and Rob Ford

Toronto's embattled Mayor Rob Ford, everyone.

Rampant and Morpheus

I'm proud of this pun.

Rampant and South Park

Rampant and rent guy

Rampant and wolf

My personal favorite ... (also, those're supposed to be flames coming out the bottom of the Rampant bottles.)

Cheers, and keep memeing — Nic The Intern

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