Frambozen? More like Fram-Bitchin'


Frambozen? More like Fram-Bitchin'

Because this beer is awesome! 

Every year, right around the fall to winter transition, I write a post about Frambozen in conjunction with a bunch of stuff about the holidays and the spirit of giving and how this is the perfect beer to hold (in-hand) during these special and celebration-related times. It's also just a super great beer. So that's what this is about: the general awesomeness of Frambozen.

Frambozen is a raspberry brown ale. The color is a deep ruby and the head has a creamy, pillow-y-ness to it (kind of a tan pillow, that's begging to be slept on). The aroma is tart and sweet, you know, like a raspberry, but the dark malts present in the beer come screaming through as well. Frambozen's taste has some great roastiness, with chocolate and caramel tones. Oh, and raspberries, lots of raspberries. The mouthfeel is a bit dry, from the tartness of the fruit, and the body has two feet firmly planted in medium-body country. The alcohol is a reasonable 6.5%, perfect for sip-starting with dinner, and then pushing through to fire-side time (assuming you go "fire-side" at some point following dinner). Frambozen is a beer drinker's beer drinking dream, not too much in any one direction, but a fruit beer with smart and elegant lines.   

Really though, after all that beer jargon, this beer is wonderful. It's a fruit beer, and that always gets my heart a-fluttering, but the it's not "just" "a" "fruit" "beer." The character of Frambozen is one of cooperation. The maltiness and the raspberries are like Batman and Robin two people carrying a couch. The malt is like the person in the front. Now, going down the stops backwards is hard, but not that hard. All of your strongest muscles are working to keep the couch afloat (or up, or whatever). The most difficult part of it is the walking backwards part, which, come on, it's not that bad. And that's like the malt because the malt is the backbone of the beer (doing most of the heavy lifting). The Raspberries in Frambozen, then, are the person going forward, carrying the couch, down the steps. At first thought this would seem like the easier position to be in, as this person is walking forward, but once the steps are fully committed to the person at the back (the raspberries), is leaning way out, lifting in the exact way that experienced lifters tell you not to lift. This person (the raspberries) is taking some risks to get that couch down the steps (flavor the beer).  So you see, Frambozen is two parts working for a greater goal (putting the couch in the truck?).

That is the closest thing to a good analogy about Frambozen (that I could think of), and I think you get the point, right? Frambozen is a raspberry brown, and the raspberries work closely with the malts to build the perfect drinking beer. My suggestion, click over here, to the Beer Finder and find yourself some beer, specifically Frambozen, and then drink it, because it's really good.



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