Friday is upon us


Friday is upon us

It's Fat Tire Friday and I am ready to celebrate. In truth, I have gotten very little work done today. Mostly just sitting around, Snapchatting pictures of my toes to my enemies, and trying to rekindle an interest in reggae music. So I don't really deserve a good time. But I have been thinking about all the things I am going to pair with Fat Tire tonight so I am going to have one anyway. 

So, here we go, my entire Friday night paired with Fat Tire–

First: Tacos. But the right taco has to be procured. Something with a touch of sweetness to compliment the malty backbone of Fat Tire. And since I didn't start making al pastor yesterday, I will get some tacos al pastor to-go from local favorite La Luz. I will also get their hottest salsa to smear atop, because Fat Tire does have enough hop balance to sing with a tongue sizzle.   

Second: Music. Last Saturday I dug John Denver's Rocky Mountain High out of the dollar bin at the record store. That, for obvious reasons, pairs perfectly with tonight's beer choice. 

Third: Chair. A nice comfortable chair. Mine is brown. My mom gave it to me. And I am going to hold a Fat Tire and sit in it and listen to John Denver after eating tacos.

That's it, that's my Friday night paired with Fat Tire. It may not be crazy or full of "things" that are "going on," but I am going to enjoy it, in a chair, listening to John Denver, drinking a Fat Tire. 

Have a good weekend!


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