Let's drink a Rewind and look back at the 90s


Let's drink a Rewind and look back at the 90s

Rewind New Belgium

Rewind IPA — it's the newest addition to New Belgium's Hop Kitchen series, and it's a bitter and tasty homage to the best decade that ever was.

That's right, I'm talking about the 90s. There are, like, a zillion reasons why no decade will ever top the last ten years of the second millenium A.D. — but for now I'll start with beer. New Belgium, like many craft breweries, got it's start during the 90s, and Rewind is a nostalgic nod to the American IPAs that were popular at the time. Its Maris Otter and Special B malts provide a blissful background for Horizon, Willamette and Galena Hops; you can already taste the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Steve Urkel and Saved By The Bell, can't you?

It's pretty much like hopping in a DeLorean, hitting 88 mph and traveling back to 1992. Speaking of the 90s, did I mention Michael J. Fox? Oh, and Pogs, bleached denim, Clueless, Bill Clinton, cellular telephones, the Spice Girls, Bob Ross and Pikachu.

And sunflowers. I remember sunflowers being on/around/in everything. What was that all about?

These are the things you'll think about while sipping on Rewind, which is about as crisp and refreshing as an IPA can be. So grab one, crack it open and sit down to a replay of the O.J. Simpson trial. Or, you know, you could just watch this:

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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