Dig out with an Accumulation...


Dig out with an Accumulation...

Winter hit, hard. Big parts of this great country are completely covered in snow. My (dear) hometown of St. Louis, MO is sitting under a foot of the cold, white stuff (OMG, you guys). And it's not that we didn't see this coming, or that we shouldn't expect it, but when a winter blast blasts you still have to remember how to buckle down, find your warmest socks, and pair up with the best snowstorm beer of all time: Accumulation White IPA

Let's go through this beer, shall we? 

Visual: Accumulation pours a cloudy gold and the head is bright white and billowing.

Aroma: Hops, hops, hops. Tropical fruit, citrus, herbal, awesome... 

Taste: Big, bold, and bitter. There is a kiss of maltiness, but the hops own this beer. Citrusy and full of mango, Accumulation is a delicious sipper. The wheat addition smooths everything out for a very enjoyable drinking experience. 

Body/Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a resinous mouthfeel from the abundant hopping. But the finish remains dry and clean. And the wheat buffs a bit of the bitter edge.  

Overall: Totally great, if you like hoppy beers and/or wheat beers. This beer is hoppy and creamy and warm at 6.2% ABV. Accumulation is perfect in cold, snowy weather, and it is proven to delay the onset of cabin fever by at least 12 hours. 

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Cheers to snow and snow beers! 


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