Press Play Wednesday!!!!


Press Play Wednesday!!!!

Here we are, yet again, it's Wednesday. And hump-day is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekdays. It's this day that I get to watch internet movies and call it work. And you can't beat that. 

Anyway, today's Press Play Wednesday video has a special place in the collective New Belgium heart. It's a music video fom Fierce Bad Rabbit . These guys are a totally awesome Fort Collins-based band, and they are starting to gain some real (national) exposure (so get on board, and quick). We have worked with them in the past, they scored a wonderful T.V. commercial for us, and have played a variety of New Belgium functions, from the Tour de Fat – to Saturdays in the Tasting Room.

The video was created by some special people too. The animation was done by Aaron Reid, another Fort Collins based artist, that happens to work at NBB. And the design and art direction was handled by Susanna Dominguez. And guess what, she also works here too. 

I am lucky to have such amazing co-workers, and I am lucky that my amazing co-workers have some really (really) talented friends. And then, when they all get together, they make magic for all of us to enjoy:

Thanks for watching and we'll talk Friday. 


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