Shift (and other things that shift, too)


Shift (and other things that shift, too)

New Belgium's Shift is a great beer for when you get off work (hence the name, get it?) It's crisp, easy to drink and still has enough attitude to remind you it's in your mouth. And with an IBU of 29, there's just enough Nelson Sauvin hops to satisfy the IPA drinkers without punishing mild-preferring palettes. 

New Belgium Shift

It's an awesome beer (that's my opinion, at least.) I was sipping one this weekend and started thinking about the name Shift. Then — as my mind so often wanders — I began to think about other things that shift. There are quite a lot of them, such as:

A tiny car


This one's pretty obvious. Most of us have driven cars, and some of us know that they shift gears. 

On to more interesting shifts.

Tectonic plates

Tectonic Plates

We forget about the slow, stealthy shifters. But boy do we take notice when they make a racket. This is an image of the Farallon Plate. It might have created the Southern Rocky Mountains. Many of us at New Belgium enjoy those mountains on a weekly basis, so on behalf of all of us, thanks Farallon Plate.

Shift workers


Okay, I already mentioned this one. But yeah, we've all either worked in shifts, or currently work shift jobs. There's something very circadian about the whole rhythm of shift work — no one ever works for 24 hours, but someone is always working 24 hours a day. It's a poetic, lingering example of the industrial revolution. It's also the reason Shift is named Shift.

Donald Trump


Attitudes constantly shift, both on a personal and collective level. Why did I use a picture of Donald Trump to illustrate this? Because he seems to always have a strong attitude, usually of the bad variety (and because legally I can.) 

Bikes shift


And rounding out our list is the ultimate shifter of them all — the bike. We love them here at New Belgium (in fact I'm about to hop on one right now.) Now, not all bikes need to shift. Single speed, cruisers and fixed gear bikes can be an absolute blast. But if you want to get somewhere quick (say, the bar that offers Shift) a bike with a few gears is your best bet.

Go ahead and hop on one this weekend, then celebrate your two-day freedom with a beer. I'm going to.

Cheers — Nic The Intern

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