Outer space is cool. Fat Tire in outer space is cooler.


Outer space is cool. Fat Tire in outer space is cooler.

Let's nerd out for a second and talk about Fat Tire, outer space and astronauts. 

I just listed three of the coolest things ever (next in line are mechanical bulls) and the beauty about all three is that they actually have something in common. Outer space and astronauts is pretty clear — I mean, they're nearly synonymous. But Fat Tire ... where does it fit in? For starters I made this sweet .GIF:

Radical, right? (I totally didn't spend 2 hours making it ...) So beyond my fantastic MS paint skills there's another reason why Fat Tire, and more specifically New Belgium, belongs in outer space. And that reason would be this guy, Steven Swanson: 

Steven's an astronaut (can you tell?) and a couple years ago he traveled to space with a trusty New Belgium bottle-opener. He snapped a couple pics while up there, and kindly brought copies to the brewery. Here's another, clearer shot of the bottle-opener: 

So, a New Belgium bottle-opener went to space. Weird. And awesome. But still weird. 

After a (tiny) bit of research, I discovered that many, often weirder things have also gone into space. Here are a few (mostly culled from this Time article on weird things in space):

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

James Doohan's ashes (aka "Scotty" from Start Trek)

The rocket carrying them actually crashed in New Mexico, apparently

Legos (they're currently on their way to Jupiter)

So yeah, space is full of all sorts of wonky stuff. And the best news of all is that our friend Dr. Swanson is heading back to orbit in February. Who knows, maybe he'll take some more New Belgium swag with him.

Cheers, and happy Friday everyone — Nic The Intern

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