Press Play Wednesday: Football Edition!


Press Play Wednesday: Football Edition!

It's Super Bowl week, and our home-state-heroes, The Broncos, are playing for the trophy, or global domination, (or whatever). I like hot wings, beer, queso dip, my friends, the Broncos, and sports; Sunday is going to be awesome (make sure you and your friends stock up on some great craft beers for the big game!). And in celebration of such a big thing I wanted to dedicate this week's Press Play Wednesday to the affair by playing the (ever-so-great) 1985 classic- The Super Bowl Shuffle!!! However, a little internet searching proved that "The Super Bowl Shuffle" does not exist on YouTube (yeah, I thought that was weird, too). But I did stumble across this gem. And while it has little (or nothing) to do with Super Bowl XLVIII, outside of it covering the overarching idea of "football," I thought I would play it anyway.

Please, enjoy "The Refrigerator Man." 


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